What we use and how it serves us


We get asked about our equipment a lot from our fellow photographers and filmmakers or even our enthusiastic clients occasionally, so we decided to share our gear bucket list with you. We are kind of nerds when it comes to equipment and the ins and outs of it all, but we believe that in the end they are just tools that serve their purpose. We use Nikons for our photos, and Sony for film. An 85 mm is a must on any shoot, as well as a good 14-16 mm for capturing those beautiful wide shots. Other than that we tend to use 30 mm, 24 or 50 mm, and sometimes all the way up to a 135 mm for those extreme close up shots from afar. W prefer using Sigma lenses as our weapons of choice, but have some quality Sony lenses in our arsenal too.

For filmmaking we love using our trusty DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone that can even capture amazing RAW photos from above, and also use a couple of Zhiyun Crane 2 gimbals for those buttery smooth shots. We also try to set up lights in every venue we can, as discreetly as we can, so they blend in with the bands lighting.

We are always looking to try out new gear and equipment, so don`t be surprised to see us walking around a venue with some new weird gizmo, we`re probably still trying to figure out where the ON button is.