Melisa and MahirLioness and LionAugust, 2018 ] Sanski Most

Melissa and Mahir were born in Germany, but they wanted to have their wedding in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sanski Most, so they invited us to film and photograph their most important moments that day. We traveled to meet them and to get to know each other better. When we met Melissa and Mahir for the first time, we got the impression that is often gained when you meet the bride and groom. Bride was excited and out of control, and the Groom was strong, calm and steady. On the day of their wedding, however, we saw how important they were to each other through the small touches, looks and words that they wrote to each other. We saw how Mahir is actually warm, emotional and frightened, and Melissa is strong, optimistic and happy when she needs to be. They are perfect for each other. The Lioness and the Lion, ready for a life together, for all the challenges, for love, for happiness, for the future, and we where honored to capture those moments for them to cherish forever. Photographer: Nuno Toromanović / Videographers: Ervin Duratović and Dinko Abdić