Elma and DinoEach day i love you moreAugust, 2018, Bihac

Elma and Dino, their wedding is not something that just happened. Both were originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but they met in Austria. That day they both knew they would end up together. We met them the day they came to our studio. Our first impression was simplicity, love and emotion. We immediately knew it would be a unique wedding and it really was amazing. Since both of them were born in Bihać, they got married in our own beautiful hotel Kostelski Buk (Bihać) surrounded by the river Una. They are such amazing and kind people, it`s beyond belief. It was fantastic to be a part of their day and capturing those precious moments for them. Photographer : Nuno Toromanović / Videographers: Dinko Abdić and Ervin Duratović