Medina and ŠekiA ride into a new lifeSeptember, 2018 | Wien

Medina and Šeki are the kind of people that you become friends with from the moment you meet, they contacted us online, and we arranged everything in just a few words. The first time we met them, was when our team arrived in Vienna late the night before, and Šeki was waiting for us in the middle of the road in his shorts, looking like he just got out of bed (he probably did:)). We just looked at each other and started laughing like crazy, we instantly connected, and when we met Medina the day after, we realized why these two are tying the knot. They were just meant to be. Here is just a glimpse of their wedding day, a fraction of what a beautiful celebration of love it was, and we are so happy that we had a chance to share this special day with them.